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ADB Global announces to construct 10 mobile LNG filling stations in Russia

15 Sep 2019

ADB Global Sales has announced that it has won a contract to construct 10 new LNG fuelling stations in Russia.
According to the statement, the Spanish-Russian company will provide integrated services covering modular design, procurement, manufacture and commissioning. The total fuelling capacity of the project is expected to reach 500 million litres per year.

ADB claims that the whole project will be delivered this September, and will commence operations the following month. The project will see the fuelling station and control room integrated into two 20 ft containers, respectively, leaving it more compact and convenient for transportation.

Irina Trofimova, manager of the project said: “We own a self-developed process that targets integrated design and are able to provide shorter delivery period, lower financial input with less space occupation. Equipped with leading
modular manufacturing capability, global sourcing platform and international project management system, ADB Global guarantees our client a truly turnkey engineering project.”

ADB Global Sales is a full-chain supplier for LNG-solutions worldwide, not only filling stations but also LNG-tanks, SSLNG factory, LNG-engines for automotive and project financing are key businesses for ADB.

“ADB Global is full-chain supplier for oil & gas companies and for logistics companies”

ADB Global Sales

“ADB is offering excellent LNG solutions for logistic partners”

“LNG is more than one new fuel, it is pure competitive power ...”

“Solution for diesel to gas-engines OEM producers”