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LNG Trucks

ADB - LNG Trucks is dedicated manufacturer of 100% gas-fuelled trucks with LNG application

Launch of first prototype, ADB - LNG Truck:

adb lng truck



1. ADB-LNG truck which is based on main components from European producers
2. The engine is 100% gas-fuelled engine, engineering, development and produced by ADB.
3. Prototype is ready beginning January 2020
4. Available engine is 460hp, 6 cilinder gas-engine
5. Available Euro5 and Euro6 emission
6. Several LNG-tanks applicable (See LNG-fuel-tank)
7. Pending approved WVTA by certified body.

For more information / Aanvullende informatie: info@adbglobalsales.com


“ADB Global is full-chain supplier for oil & gas companies and for logistics companies”

ADB Global Sales

“ADB is offering excellent LNG solutions for logistic partners”

“LNG is more than one new fuel, it is pure competitive power ...”

“Solution for diesel to gas-engines OEM producers”