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LNG dispenser

ADB Global offers single dispenser integrated in the LNG filling station:

1. Different nozzles available
2. Customized logo for the client
3. Integrated payment system
4. According certification CE - MID
5. POS Communication IFSF
6. PLC connections MODBUS


LNG dispenser is special equipment with metering and pricing devices, which fuels LNG to storage vessels. It consists of flowmeter, regulating valve, gas gun, gas return gun, gas return hose, electronic controller and auxiliaries etc.
The control system of dispenser adopts the design of multi-core processing and intrinsic safety design. The core components such as mass flowmeter and solenoid valve can suit severely cold environment and can be used in low temperature of -40℃.Valve and pipelines are insulated by full vacuum structure. Simple pipeline arrangement reduces the gasification rate of LNG.


● Unit price and density setting.

● Quota and quantitative fueling.

● Sequential and non-sequential fueling.

● IC card fueling and Non-IC card fueling.

● Breaking protection, pressure limiting protection and emergency stop.

● Printing ,shift turnover.

● Cumulative fueling per shift ,total cumulative fueling.

● Fueling conditions inquiry, station management, and network management of fueling station.

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