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LNG engines for automotive, marine and generator application

ADB Global can produce any diesel-engine to 100% gas engine:

1. Project engineering for OEM gas engines
2. Conversion of any diesel engine to 100% gas, reliable and including 2 years warranty
3. Development of assembly kit for diesel-gas conversion for OEM production


ADB Global is certified as “ engine and components manufacturer  and is also certified ISO 9001- 2000 IQNet and ISO 9001-2000 CSQ 

Long time ago is born the idea to adapt the owned skill to the revolutionary transformation from Diesel into dedicated CNG and LPG engines. It is obvious that due to the lack of fixed rules to perform this kind of modifications it has been unavoidable to experiment all possible ways to reach the necessary level of skill and to grant the suitable grade of reliability of all technical innovations. This process has taken long time and a lot of efforts. Today, we can say that the transformation to CNG or LPG of a Diesel engine is always the result of following elements:

- A compromise between the original engine and the expected final product
- Long years of technical experience
- Knowledge in out-sourcing all the appropriate and most reliable components
- A management who is in the position to harmonize all the steps involved in the process

The philosophy adopted by our company in the methods of our transformations is based on following ground elements:
- Simplicity of the project
- Reliability
- Inexpensiveness
- Easy maintenance and environmental friendliness

More in details, the adoption of our transformation kit enables a relatively simple operating procedure due to the limited number of parts and the easy understanding of its basics.

With a specific reference to the conversion of Diesel engines into 100% LNG engines, we as engines manufacturer, is operating in various countries all over the world and often in co-operation with some important engine manufacturers such as Mercedes, Iveco, Tata, Isuzu, Hiunday, Hino, Perkins.

As a matter of fact it is possible to convert to LNG almost all existing Diesel engines. This conversion is possible both for new as for used engines. The difference is only in the kind of approach to these situations. For both the procedures it is necessary to consider following general points:

  1. In order to justify the costs for the preparation of one or more prototype/s it is mandatory that the final number of engines to be converted ranges from 2 to 3 hundreds units (of same brand and type).

  2. It will be necessary to assist the conversion workshop/the manufacturer at their own plant.

  3. It is necessary to grant a full range of technical information referred to the working procedures and give to the final operators a clear and exhaustive training granting a state of the art and reliable engine conversion.

For the conversion of in use engines the following elements have to be considered:

  1. The engines for the conversion to LNG should have an acceptable mechanical life expectation

  2. Besides of the parts that owe to be mechanically modified, all the other components should be revised and overhauled.

  3. Itwillbenecessarytoscheduletheappropriatelay-outoftheconversionshopandalso in terms of appropriate machinery, tooling and specific instruments needed for the structural engine modifications and for the assembling of the kit on the vehicles.

For the conversion of engines during their production (or first assembling) the elements to be taken in consideration are:

  1. Create a specific department for the structural modifications to be achieved on the engine itself. This operational unit should interface with the normal production chain.

  2. In the same location there will be carried out all the assembling works of the kit

    components pertaining to the engine, (i.e. new valve seats + valves, spark plug bushing + plugs, toothed wheel, coil etc.)

The prototyping works include :

  1. Study of the peculiarities of the engine under conversion and decision of the kind of technical approach for that specific motor.

  2. Supply of the necessary masks for the further engine modifications and for the assembling of the kit.

  3. Training of the customers technicians in their Country and/or in Italy covering the mechanical and electronic aspects of the conversion operations.

  4. Assistance for the preparation of the first vehicle and its first roadrun.


5. Delivery of technical documentation including:

  • -  List of the structural modifications of the engine parts including technical explanations and drawings/pictures.

  • -  List of all the kit components with technical specifications and drawings/pictures

  • -  Wiring harness and electrical connections schemes

  • -  Block diagram

  • -  Trouble shooting

  • -  Detailed assembling instructions with pictures and drawings.

  • -  Test bench certificates.

    The procedures and the general costs related to this prototyping phase may vary and depends from the type of engine, from the kind of fuel supply ( mixer or injectors type ) from the final vehicle configuration, from the expected pollution targets, from the required type of certificates and from the eventually required special tests.



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