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Natural gas liquefaction

LNG factory plant, stationary and mobile skid plant

Natural gas liquefaction

Liquefied natural gas is widely used as clean energy. Jereh owns a variety of self-developed natural gas liquefaction technologies, such as mixed refrigerant cycle and expander refrigeration cycle. And Jereh develops optimized single-stage mixed refrigeration (SMR), C3 pre-cooled mixed refrigeration (C3MR) and double mixed refrigeration (DMR) considering different cooling principles and working conditions.


● Pipeline gas liquefaction.

● Shale gas liquefaction.

● CBM liquefaction.

● Associated gas liquefaction.

● Wellhead gas recovery.

● Biogas utilization.

● COG and tail gas of synthesis gas liquefaction.

● BOG recovery.


Stationary LNG Plant


Capacity: 5.3MMSCFD (15×104m3/d)

Project: Associated Gas Liquefaction Plant

Technology: › SMR Liquefaction

                    › Molecular Sieve Dehydration

                    › MDEA Decarbonization

                    › LPG recovery

                    › Heavy hydrocarbon removal by adsorption

Scope: EPC


Skid-mounted LNG Plant

Capacity: 1.77MMSCFD (5×104m3/d)

Project: Skid mounted Pipeline Gas Liquefaction Plant

Technology:› SMR Liquefaction

                   › Molecular Sieve Dehydration

                   › MDEA Decarbonization

Scope: EPC

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